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We can help you enjoy the lifestyle you want....and preserve your wealth for future generations

Offering Peace of Mind and Financial Confidence for Multiple Generations

Florissant Investment Advisors, LLC

Registered Investment Advisors (Registered with the State of Colorado)

Where Financial Confidence and Convenience Go Hand In Hand

Florissant Investment Advisors, LLC, established in 1995, provides portfolio management services to high net worth individuals and families. Our goal is to preserve the wealth that you have worked diligently to earn and to grow it for future generations.

We work with you to accomplish this by:
◊ Learning about your future plans and goals so that we can develop an investment plan that's right for you;
◊ Performing asset allocation and selecting an appropriate mix of asset types, such as stocks and bonds, to maximize your financial success within the limits of your risk tolerance;
◊ Monitoring your investments on a daily basis, to maintain proper diversification and market exposure; and
◊ Communicating regularly to make sure your investment plan is updated as your goals and needs change.

Managing and preserving your wealth in today's changing market can be challenging. To give you peace of mind and confidence in your future, we tailor each portfolio to the risk / reward desires of you, the client.

We work with you to understand your needs and goals, to protect your financial assets, and to grow them for your retirement and for future generations.

We have learned that combining a disciplined investment strategy and dependable, objective financial advice, promotes the growth and preservation of wealth.